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Idea-ology - Adornments Charm Pack
Tim Holtz's addiction to finding and charms is no secret. Searching through the streets of vi..
Idea-ology - Assemblage Clock
A hollowed clock for collecting and displaying timeless trinkets. Tick-tock...well there are ..
Idea-ology - Buckles
Time to buckle up... literally. These functional, mini buckles are perfect to add to your jou..
Idea-ology - Curio Knobs
The ornamental style of vintage cabinetry is the work of a true artisan. The detailing of the..
Idea-ology - Game Pieces
Great for all of your paper crafting projects, from scrapbooking to cards and altered books t..
Idea-ology - Hinge Clips
Who holds the key to your heart, your dreams, or your secrets? Well these word keys allow you..
Idea-ology - Hinges
The ability to move things and provide function was the design motivation of these cool Hinge..
Idea-ology - Keyholes
Take a peek through these portals of the past. I continue to be inspired by the nostalgia of ..
Idea-ology - Metal Box Feet Foundations
They say having a good Foundation is key to anything and what can Tim say - he agrees! The de..
Idea-ology - Sprocket Gears
Tick-Tock... Time tells a story and each day unfolds a new chapter. Whatever your way of capt..
Idea-ology - Timepieces
  The design of these Timepieces was influenced by vintage pocket watch faces, and..
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