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Starburst sprays from Lindy's Stamp Gang will give you deep, rich, vibrant colors with a two-toned shimmer! These are all dye based products, which give them that vibrancy and can be used on any porous surface, (paper, wood, fabric, balsa, chipboard, etc). For different textures try pressing gently on the sprayer which will produce larger droplets, while pressing firmly will give you a fine mist. 

Comes in a set of 5 colors, each in a 2oz Bottle

Instructions on how to use: Add HOT water 1/2 way up the bottle, (filtered preferrably, especially with the stains), stir with a stick & let sit at least 10 minutes then fill to "fill" line & shake. Shake before each use.. Each bottle comes with directions on it.


To make your creations extra vibrant, we've packaged this complementary collection of 5 Starburst Stains at a discounted price.

Colors included in this set are:

Cadbury Milk Chocolate- Perfect chocolate brown with a subtle silver shimmer.

Cotton Candy Pink- The perfect soft pink with a beautiful silver shimmer.

Dark Chocolate Truffle- A deep, rich dark, espresso type brown with a golden shimmer.

Creme Brûlée Cream- A beautiful rich cream with a subtle gold shimmer.

Tiffany's Blue- That perfect "Tiffany's" blue with a subtle turquoise shimmer!


Available in a fine mist non-clogging 2oz sprayer bottle


Also available in a COLOR SHOT SET= wide mouthed 2oz jar with no-mess, easy access for painting.

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